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Whether you choose to see me virtually, or in-person. Our one-on-one sessions will give you a supportive, non-judgmental, and understanding place to talk about yourself, your life and your problems. I'll help you gain unique insights in to your feelings, thoughts, behaviour, and the various unconscious elements that influence them. I'll also help you think through any challenges you're facing, and help you to find some direction in approaching them.

Depending on your needs, we may also explore one or more of your important relationships. The longest running study on happiness showed clearly that difficult relationships and loneliness are as detrimental to health as smoking or alcoholism. Your way of relating with yourself, your family, friends and broader community, is a little like riding a bicycle. Only you learnt to ride this bicycle when you were a child, and refined your technique as your grew up. By now, your approach is well worn, and you likely spend little or no time thinking about how you engage.

Together we'll explore the many things you do, to try to keep your life and relationships heading in the direction you'd like them to. We'll bring to awareness those things you do that help you, as well as those things you do that don't.

One-on-one therapy is a powerful investment in yourself, your contentment, and your happiness.

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