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Image by Jakob Owens

Couple's therapy will offer you and your partner a neutral, safe space to explore the difficulties in your relationship. Together, we'll consider your lives before each other, what you took on from early experiences of caregiving, and from watching the relationship between your parents, and what you learnt from experiences of other significant relationships through your teen and adult years. We'll explore how the feelings, beliefs, and actions you acquired over your relational life, impact your current relationship with one another for better or worse. Together we'll unpack your arguments, and uncover the underlying issues at play. We'll also consider your differences, and how your difficulties in negotiating these play out in your engagement with each other.

Our time together should help you gain a more realistic understanding of one another and the relationship you share; where it meets your emotional, sexual, and other needs, and where it falls short. I'll help you both consider these needs, and the things that prevent you both from meeting them for each other, and for yourselves.

Couple's often leave therapy until it's too late, don't fall in to the same trap. It's often easier to sort out challenges when they're seedlings, as opposed to trying to deal with a well developed oak tree standing between you and your partner

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