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Individual Therapy

A place where you can feel heard, understood and respected in a confidential environment. Where you can gain insight in to your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and the way they affect your wellbeing. A place where you can enhance your relationship with yourself and others, and develop a more positive and realistic self-image. Make a booking with me to start finding a happier, content, and healthier you.

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Couple's Therapy

A form of therapy where you and your partner, work together with me to explore and address the issues affecting your relationship. Where you will both gain insight in to what you bring to your relationship, and how this impacts your wellbeing as a couple. A space where you can learn to better understand one another, deal with your differences, and potentially enhance your bond.

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Parental Guidance

If you're feeling confused, stressed, or overwhelmed by your child or stepchild's behaviour, you aren't alone. During parental guidance, you and I work together to develop an understanding of your child's behaviour, needs, strengths, and challenges. We also consider effective ways of addressing or managing these in the moment. You don't have to struggle alone, parenting is hard, but with good support, it can be very rewarding.

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